What do you dream of?

Rep team selection, getting drafted, receiving a scholarship, gold medals, titles and championships....

Achieving your goals rely on your being able to THINK clearly in training and competition, FEEL you emotions and embrace them, allowing you to PERFORM at your best.

You don't want to let doubts and nerves get the better of you.

Having a bad temper shows that have lost control, letting the game and your opponent get on top of you. 

Take comfort in the knowledge that all the best athletes have faced challenges. You just need to learn the skills required to stay composed.

In around 6-8 weeks you can feel more confident and comfortable under pressure.

Sport is designed to test athletes and so you will find yourself out of your comfort zone regularly. Success generally goes to the athlete that is best prepared and can handle any situation.

Your resilience as an athlete is defined by your ability to handle short term challenges, negative thoughts and feelings, and maintain a positive attitute and work ethic.

Our goal is to help you perform with confidence and consistency.

     - Perform at your peak more often

     - Manage performance plateaus and slumps

     - Overcomes doubts

     - Find answers to your lack of consistency

     - Manage distractions and get in the zone

The online and self-paced nature of our training means it won’t require an excessive time investment in travel and consultations to improve. Importantly, the time you do invest in the program will make your training and performance much more effective and successful.

Working through this program will help to reduce the instances where you will fell out of your depth. The In the Zone program is a must for aspiring athletes.

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Online mental skills training can help you become the athlete you've always dreamed of being.