Frequently asked questions

Is mental skills training only for elite athletes?

No. The difference between elite athletes and amateur athletes is an understanding of how their mental game influences performance. Not only this, but also how mental skills can assist them to make the necessary improvements in their technical and tactical games to help them make the step up from amateur to elite.

Are mental skills a quick/magical fix?

Sorry, if you are looking for a quick fix, you are in the wrong place. Mental skills training takes time and effort, just the same way that lifting weights once doesn’t give you your enormous muscles. It may be magical and produce great improvements in your game, however this will not “just happen”. If you are mentally weak you will certainly see the value of investing in improving your mental game.

Is mental skills training only needed when something goes wrong?

Definitely not! Just in the same way fitness training is done to ensure athletes are fitter than needed, Prevention is better than a Cure! Mental skills training should be utilised to help athletes go above and beyond and prevent the performance slumps associated with mental lapses?

Is mental toughness an trait you must be born with, you either have it or you don't?

No. It just appears that way because not enough athletes are investing in their mental game and strategically developing their mental toughness. If athletes and coaches invest in mental skills training to the same degree they invested in fitness and technical developments, mental toughness is within the reach of every athlete.


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