A team or club workshop is a great way to improve your performance. Whether at the start of the season, part way through or if eveything isn't going to plan; TFP can help you get back on track.

Think about pushing your players to improve their complete game. If you are a coach or administrator, but aren't developing your players mental game, are you giving them the best chance of success. 

With a mixture of presentation types, interactive workshops and Q&A sessions, your athletes will have the chance to get access to content that is of interest to them and their game.

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Mental Skills Coach

Dr Domenic Crouch

Domenic works one to one and in groups, applying proven sport science and performance principles to help athletes create an effective mental game. Starting Think Feel Perform in 2008, he's had the opportunity to work with athletes from the ages of 5 to 75, in a wide array of sports, including lawn bowls, BMX racing, soccer, triathlon and countless more. He's had the opportunity to work with many athletes and coaches in swimming, basketball, tennis and more. As a Mental Game Coach, Domenic draws on his own experience as an athlete in cricket, golf, triathlon and distance running. He's coached teen and youth athletes in athletics, field hockey and swimming. Through his extensive years of study, Domenic is able to tie together practical and theoretical for the benefit of his audience. His biggest qualifying question to any athlete or coach is: All sporting performances involve technical, tactical, physical and mental aspects, but just how much of your training program is devoted to improving your mental game?