Every athlete is able to perform at their best when they need to.

Our Story

Think Feel Perform was founded in 2008, with the goal of improving athlete's performance under pressure.

Initially focused on one to one coaching and group workshops, we’ve looked at the challenges and needs of athletes with a view that we need to change the game. Over the past few years, the TFP team have been working on developing an online training resource. 

Mental skills training is notoriously dry in delivery. We’ve created a resource that can be consumed on a needs basis, in an interesting and enjoyable manner.

In most sports, it is not just the physical abilities that determine who wins and who loses. The mental game plays a pivotal role in success at any level of sport.

Mental toughness is a learnt skill that seems to come easily to some. Most athletes will find themselves out of their comfort zone regularly. Success generally goes to the athlete that is best prepared and can handle any situation.

The TFP In the Zone program is a must for aspiring athletes.

Working through this program will help to reduce the instances where you feel out of your depth. The online nature of the training means it won’t require an excessive time investment. Importantly, the time you do invest in the program will make you other training and performance more effective and successful.
Many athletes see mental skills training is dry, dull and boring, so we’ve changed the game with a comprehensive self paced programme. We did this because mental skills as vital skill to develop at any stage of development.

Once registered, you’ll be able to login to the program whenever you like and work through what interests you. Content is presented in clear and interesting manner with helpful examples and stories to reinforce important messages.

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Dr Domenic Crouch

Mental Skills Coach

Domenic works one to one and in groups, applying proven sport science and performance principles to help athletes create an effective mental game. Starting Think Feel Perform in 2008, he's had the opportunity to work with athletes from the ages of 5 to 75, in a wide array of sports, including lawn bowls, BMX racing, soccer, triathlon and countless more. He's had the opportunity to work with many athletes and coaches in swimming, basketball, tennis and more.  

As a Mental Game Coach, Domenic draws on his own experience as an athlete in cricket, golf, triathlon and distance running. He's coached teen and youth athletes in athletics, field hockey and swimming. Through his extensive years of study, Domenic is able to tie together practical and theoretical for the benefit of his audience. His biggest qualifying question to any athlete or coach is: All sporting performances involve technical, tactical, physical and mental aspects, but just how much of your training program is devoted to improving your mental game?

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